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"I'll Meet You There" album Credits

Recorded LIVE at Villa de Matel in Houston in 2016

Album is available as MP3 downloads - buy it online.


01 "A New Alleluia!" intro by Wiley Beveridge (c) 2016
02 "Ring The Bells" by Leonard Cohen/Wiley (c) 2016
03 "There is a Knowing" by Wiley Beveridge (c) 2012
04 "Love, Serve and Remember" John Astin (c) 1991
05 "We are Holy, Holy, Holy" by Karen Drucker(c) 2001
06 "Love Has Loved Me" by Dawn Anderson (c) 2008
07 "Beyond the Idea" by Cali Crowley (c) 2007
08 "Let It Draw Near" Curtis Haynes, Unity, Amesbury
09 "Return to Innocence" by Enigma/Wiley B (c) 1993
10 "Amazing, Amazing Grace" Cali Crowley (c) 2007
11 "The Promise" by Wiley Beveridge (c) 2016
12 "How Could Anyone" by Libby Roderick (c) 1998
13 "A Tender Yes" by Melissa Phillipe (c) 2010
14 "Deep Peace" by Bill Douglas (c) 1988

I'll Meet You There


Facility: Sisters of Charity of the
  Incarnate Word in Houston, TX
Production: May Dyer
Mastering: Ray Dillard
Arrangements: Wiley & Max
Recording: Mikey Ferrara
Photos: Wiley B, Tom Milner
Artwork: Kevin O'Neill
Marketing: Bob Andrew
Distribution: Sweet Song

back row: Max, Wiley, Bob, Diane, Tom
front: Rick, Debbie, Mitzi, Beth, Debbie