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Our purpose in creating "Sweet Song"

We share several concerns with others in a global diaspora we call former Community of Celebration members. People will ask about music they remember recorded by the FisherFolk in Houston, or by the Community in Colorado, or by the Community in the UK that is no longer available - except in vinyl, too often at collector prices.

Another concern is when they hear FisherFolk music being sung in churches, but at the wrong pace, or even the wrong tune, as they don't have the actual sheet music. And a big concern is our grand-kids also cannot easily access this music: new computers don't have CD-players, and young people mainly use mobile devices.

The Community of Celebration in Aliquippa started to create MP3s for sale, but only 73 tracks were done - a fraction of their entire collection. And they did not create any from the earlier albums that were produced by others. So this endeavor is to not only make Diane and Wiley's music available - they both continue to compose - but also MP3s of those orphan albums described above: some exist only on cassette!

To do this, we plan to partner with singers/musicians who we had recorded with in the past, and offer them an opportunity to share in revenue. Also to incentivize priests at churches to make the music available to members, with a button on their website or Facebook page, in return for a small commission. And finally, to promote the sales of music by other creative artists like David Pulkingham, Dana Cunningham, Max Dyer so they don't have to lose such a high percentage to e.g. Amazon or iTunes.