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The Process of Creating Worship Albums

Stories about Selected Albums

Read the story of how the "I'll Meet You There" album was created. We plan over time to add stories of other albums, told by those who made them.

The Creative Process for Shared Music

Good music should be well-crafted. This means having lyrics that are meaningful, tunes that are singable, and arrangements that do justice to the words and melody. Our experiences over decades were with the "Keyhole", Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, the "FisherFolk", the Community of Celebration and Unity Churches. By the grace of God, all of these groups brought gifted people into our lives who knew how to take simply lyrics and tunes and turn them into recordable music that touches peoples hearts and lives.

Composers, Singers, Instrumentalists

What we hear on the albums is the rich, layered, textured audio of those who recorded the albums. Their breath control, timing, diction and pitch are the result of training, discipline and practice. In addition you can hear in the music the life-shared experience as friends who worshiped, laughed and cried together; reveals the truth of John 15:35 "If you have love for one another, then everyone will know that you are my disciples".

Arranging, Directing and Producing Music

Decisions of what dozen or more songs should go into an album is just a first step. For some albums, just the singers and a few instruments record together under the baton of a Director who keeps them together. The Producer and Director may then work with other instrumentalists to overlay e.g. strings, wind instruments, percussion. Then Mixing and Mastering develops audio files for CD or on-line sales.

Publishing, Publicising and Selling Music

The publishing process includes selecting a company to produce CD covers, working with an Artist to create artwork to be used on alum covers, websites, social media and posters. Publicity uses email, web and social media to point buyers to a website where they can securely buy physical media like CDs and Songbooks, or digital media like MP3s and digital Scores.

Less commonly in the 21st century, publishers may also produce a bound songbook. CDs may have the words only as a booklet. MP3 publishers ideally have the words available on-line, even better the full scores;