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NEW: "I'll Meet You There"  by Wiley and friends in Houston in 2016
      (See album credits for composers and recording team members)

  ● "Dream a Little Dream"  by Wiley Beveridge with backup in 2010

  ● "In This Moment-A Journey Began"  by Wiley Beveridge in 2004

  ● "Listen, Open to the Call"  by Wiley Beveridge and Diane in 2002

  ● "Friends"  album made by Diane Davis Andrew & friends in 1980

  ● "How Sweet The Soundby Wiley Beveridge (at Celebration)

  ● "Rest Awhileby Wiley Beveridge (c)1982 Celebration

  ● "Songs in the Nightby Wiley Beveridge (c)1987 Celebration