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"Sweet Jesus" by "The Keyhole"

(Praise Records FF 1008, 1974)

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The Performers:
Gwyneth Arnold
Ed Baggett (Guitars)
Francine Baggett
Holly Carnahan
Jeff Cothran (Piano)
David Farra (Saxophone)
Ruth Gordon
Jan Gundelfinger
Grace Krag (Flute)
Brian Howard (Guitars,
             Electric Bass)
Marty Pearsall
Ricky Roberts (Guitars)
Oressa Wise (Electric Bass,
          Guitars, Xylophone)

Music Coordinator: Nancy Newman
Cover Design: Kevin O'Neill, Roger Gumbinner (also photo)
Produced by N.E.T. Records, Houston, Texas
ACA Recording Studios, Houston, Bill Holford, Sound Engineer

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