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Wiley's Ministry Trip Down Under

To Australia and New Zealand with Unity Church, International

A dream has come true for me – a chance to return to Australia and New Zealand; places I was privileged to visit 30 years ago. This time I am going on my own, at the invitation of a friend who's a licensed teacher within the Unity Church, International. She and a fellow Unity Minister will be leading retreats, workshops and classes for those pursuing a path to ordained ministry.

For my part, I get to show up and do what I love: make music with two women who have a remarkable way of, in dialogue with music, creating an environment to open to the presence of the Divine in those gathered. What a gift.

Beginning August 23rd we will spend the first 3 1/2 weeks involved in these events from Brisbane, to Sydney, and finally Melbourne. Then on September 14th we wing our way to Wellington, NZ where a 3-month sojourn begins, also involving trips to Dunedin and Auckland.

We will have a travel blog, and a video blog, available along the way to share what Spirit is doing in the “Land of Oz” and in lovely New Zealand.

Inserted into this dream is yet another that came unbidden. Two new recording projects. One, meditation music with guitar and piano, completed in Maine before I returned to Texas. And, as many of you may know, we are finishing off a new vocal recording right here in Houston. It is such a huge gift to be able to travel like this and have two new musical gifts to share. I am blessed.

Thank you for your support, Wiley B.       Tuesday August 2nd, 2016