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Why we chose the name "Sweet Song"

There is a sweetness to the sight and sound of people worshiping by singing music inspired by our life together. Although Wiley & Diane are well known as soloists, their highest creativity is fueled by interaction with fellow singers, composers, poets musicians, ...

Psalm 133 talks about the dew of Hermon coming down on Mount Zion, like the sacred oil running down the beard. We trust that this great music, and all the rich memories of how it was created, will bring as much joy to your daily life as a Texas honeydew melon!

Note we are offering audio only as MP3s: many newer computers do not even have a CD/DVD drive anymore! The scores of some of our compositions will be added later, using Scorch Express so that choir directors who want to use this music in services can have it on iPad

Facebook group for Sweet Song music