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"The Keyhole" group from "The Way In"

These musicians were the core of teams who went to Coventry, UK in 1973 in two waves.
Use blue links below to four albums which were transferred from vinyl to digital MP3 files.

"The Way In" (1968) - see song list

"Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord"(1969)

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" Glory" (1973) - see song list

"Sweet Jesus" (1974)

 see album

The album "Room at the Inn" was also produced, featuring Mimi Armstrong Farra

Read this useful review by Don Warrington, 2 March 2011 in
It's hard to think of a group that defines 1970's Christian folk / coffeehouse music as much as this one, which morphed into "The FisherFolk." The group had its start in 1969 as resident singing group of "The Way In", a Christian coffeehouse located in the Allen Landing area of Houston. "The Way In" was, in turn, a ministry of the Church of the Redeemer, a charismatic Episcopal church near the Gulf Freeway.

Their style was heavy on acoustical guitar and light on percussion, which quickly became de rigueur for Christian coffeehouse groups. The style was certainly replicated in churches and coffeehouses in the region, as I found out while living there in the mid-1970's. Eventually "The FisherFolk" took their leave from the Lone Star State...